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Algorithmic Trading




Think smart and Execute Fast!

Algo creates new era!

Finpal Technologies ltd is hiring the remote-prop traders(individual/team)

We are system oriented proprietary trading firm which covers listed cash equities and derivatives products across the globe. We are located in Hong Kong, Dubai, Seoul and Vancouver. Our aim is to allow traders to use our capital to maximize profits while minimizing the costs. To achieve this Finpal’s foremost principal goal is to support the trading group/individual in any ways. Finpal would be able to cover the operation, admin and market development while providing the most comfortable trading environment. The location and working hours are not important. Finpal would invest its capital and human resources so that you or your team can focus only on trading.

Few key points:

  1.  Profit Sharing Ratio(PSR) depends on performance and strategies. PSR is also flexible and you and your team can take upto 60-70% of the generated profit. You are only responsible for your losses whilst taking 60-70% of profit generated by your trading invested by us.

  2.  You can trade any products in any exchange through our platform connected to all major exchanges in the globe. You and your team can enjoy our sophiscated supports provided by the professional technicians.

  3.  We allocate our assets based on the performance. Finpal would increase its capital investment time to time. Upon the performance of trading, you or your team are/is able to enjoy the full capabilities of Finpal's investment

  4.  Working hours and location are not important. Plus the structure of you or your team is flexible.

  5.  Working experience in financial sector for long period of time is not required. Only track record of your strategies matters.

If you are interested in remote-prop trader position please contact us at You can send us your CV and share your thoughts on trading/rough strategies. Finpal will contact you for further interview. Thanks.

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